Making a booking

Including how to make a booking and deposit information

  • We provide all products needed to clean the items within your property. no need to provide anything except a cup of tea or coffee.

  • We treat all of our customers property's as if they are brand new, all of our cleaning equipment stays tight to the fabric or material we are cleaning, meaning no spray on your walls etc.

  • Of course. you are the customer, no problem is too big or small. ask away for any requirements to make your booking simpler.

  • We work Monday through to Saturday. We do not work sundays unless requested and accepted. 

    We work all Bank holidays, however do keep an eye out on opening times.

  • Living in a flat is no problem at all, if you have a lift then fab. if not we only go up 3 flights of stairs with our equipment, as it is quite heavy.

  • Drying time is between 2 and 4 hours. However sometimes this can vary depending on how dirty your carpets are.

  • Any small items which are easy to move then we do ask if you can move it first before we arrive and to hoover. furniture like sofas and cupboards we can move on the day. 

    As a rule try to make things as clear as possible for when we arrive, it will make both of our lives easier. 

    If you are disabled in any way physically then of course leave the furniture where it is and we can move it when we get to your property.


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Commercial Cleaning

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Cleaning costs, refunds and payment information

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Our Equipment

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